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Pet Dog Cat desheding Grooming brush comb rake tool-L
Item ID: CW-6-003-L
Item Name: Pet Dog Cat desheding Grooming brush comb rake tool-L
Member Price: USD 3.25
Currency: USD
Sipping And Handling


Pet Dog Cat desheding Grooming brush comb rake tool-L






Product Name:  pet brush

Material: Plastic


 large Brush surface size:12cm/4.7inch*7.6cm/2.9inch

[Commodity outstanding advantages]:

The dog must molt in the annual spring, autumn, while the indoor dogs have all the year round hair growth and shedding. 


Often give the dog grooming, not only can be exfoliated coat to comb, but also to remove dirt and dust to prevent hair entanglement, promote the blood circulation of the dog and enhance its resistance to diseases, relieve fatigue and to prevent the parasites and diseases of the skin oh ~ to increase feelings between owner and dog ~ ~ ~ to the dog grooming will


Can be easy to clean up the residual gap in the comb hair ~ to the dog dog grooming, card in the crevice of the comb is difficult to remove broken hair so many masters of trouble, and now this innovative pet push brush will be for you to solve the troubles 


Oh ~ ~ ~ as long as gently a press button on the brush handle, hiding in the crevice of the comb the hair will immediately be easily push out Oh, can effectively save you time to clean up, give you a cheerful and relaxed carding process.











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